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The love story behind the quizzes...

As a medical student – @Drkash noticed that there was a gap that made medical school unnecessarily harder than it should be – “the lack of one source of quick self testing material where medical students could verify understanding of material – FAST” – a place to learn new information FAST or frankly, one place to verify memorization of information FAST.

@DrKash set herself on a mission to author with love, a complete vault of quizzes and flash cards that cover the complete medical school curriculum to help YOU pass ALL your exams.

Quizzes and Flash cards cover all systems including: Basic sciences, Systems, Pathology, Histology, Procedures, Essentials of patient care & Board Review.


“I am convinced that you will change the world.” – with love from @DrKash

@DrKash continues to upload quizzes and flash cards for you so that you can review and prepare for your exams 24 hours a day on your schedule.